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Digital healthcare tools for the world’s poorest people and places: A new framework for syndromic surveillance forged in the fight against COVID-19 in Somalia.

Journal of Medical Internet Research Preprints

Jain S, Furst I, Charpignon M, Samuel M, Gire K, Celi LA, Ghassemi M, Ali H

REPLAY: It’s March 11th. Let’s try to fight Covid differently. How would you do it?

Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences

Jain, S.

MIT COVID-19 Datathon: Data Without Boundaries

British Medical Journal Innovations

Luo M., Newman S., Amat M., Charpignon M., Durale E., Jain S., Kaufman A., Korolev I., Lai Y., Lam B., Lipcsey M., Martinez A., Mechanic O., Mlabasti J., McCoy L., Nguyen F., Samuel M., Yang E., Celi L.

Flatten: COVID-19 Survey Data on Symptoms, Demographics and Mental Health in Canada


Jain S, Charpignon M, Samuel M, Mistry J, Frosst N, Celi LA, Ghassemi M,


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