I just finished interning at Microsoft working as a Program Manager and Software Engineer.

I am currently getting my head twisted in the applications of crypto and NFTs.

My research is based out of the MIT Computer Science AI Lab (CSAIL) and the Vector Institute of Technology in finding ways to improve methods in domain generalization and adaptation research. I find the applications of this research in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and healthcare to be particularly interesting and something I hope to spend time working on outside of academia.

I am also broadly interested in the areas of fairness, ethics, and policy in machine learning but hope to focus on this after getting some grounding in the methods / theory based work. Some of my prior research through the COVID-19 pandemic has been heavily influenced through a startup I founded and led called Flatten.

I happen to be spending a lot of time right now thinking about ARPA models in Canada right now. If you have an interest in incentive engineering and R&D systems, ping me.

Outside of academic work, I love to swim, bike and run. I am currently competing for the U25 Men’s Canadian National Triathlon Team and hopefully (if COVID-19 allows for it), get to represent Canada at the World Championships in Bermuda this fall. I love to travel (been to almost 50 countries so far) and hope to get back to it when the world recovers from the pandemic. If we are in the same town and you like to bike, run, or swim open water, let’s meet up!

In between research and training, I am also an Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto majoring in machine learning.

Some other fun things I am doing right now include: co-host of a podcast called Time Horizons and I am part of the Interact Fellowship.

Recent News

  • Racing at the World Championships for Team Canada Triathlon in October

  • Finished internship at Microsoft

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