shrey jain

Social Applied ZK Projects on Ethereum

The work being done with zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) in the Ethereum ecosystem for improving privacy and scalability is quite promising.

There is still a small community of people who are specifically working on social applications of ZKP technology on Ethereum that I wanted to try to highlight here. I define “social applications” as pretty much anything that is not oriented on scaling solutions or financial solutions (yes, transferring money is social, but I think you can get a flavor for what I am trying to do).

I recently tried to crowdsource the key projects working in this space on Twitter and was quite happy with the response that it felt approprite to try and aggregate the comments and DMs into a blog for people.

Some of the things I am interested in working on in this space include: signed messages, designated verifier proofs, zero-knowledge machine learning for healthcare applicaitons, and how we can build common knowledge in communication protocols. If this is also of interest to you, DM me on Twitter.

I break down the projects in social applied zk into three key categories:

Disclaimer: I am not invovled (financially or as a collaborator) with any of the projects below other than the zkSBT and designated verifier work which I was a co-author on. Orderded alphabetically to not give preference to any specific project.




I will keep this blog live, so DM me on Twitter if I missed your project and if you think it fits in one of the above buckets.

Thanks Vivek B for feedback.