shrey jain

Coffee List

If you are involved in anything crypto related, you have to know how popular the “gm” messages have become. Here is a photo of a coffee with latte art of “gm” from my favorite shop in Toronto.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I got really into coffee. When I think about the ranges of people who drink coffee, I think about a spectrum of drinking for caffeine to being an absolute coffee snob. I think I lie somewhere closer to snob now. If you know me, the last thing I need is caffeine to make me more energetic.

My home setup varies depending on the amount I have for coffee.

I recently spent some time in Hawaii and went through the entire process of seeing how coffee plants are kept, to picking the coffee fruit seeds to roasting and then finally drinking. Random fact I learned: did you know that blonde coffee has more coffee than dark roasted?

Anyways, as I get more into travelling, I want to build up my coffee list as I travel more. Also, it is possible my competiting at World Championships for triathlon is over, BUT did you know they have a Barista World Championships?!


Coffee Shop Drink Ordered Rating Sit Down Other
The Library Speciality Coffee Flat White 9.5 No Latte art very strong
Hailed Coffee Cortado or Flat White 8.5 No Raspberry Croissant is really good
Jimmys Flat White 6 Yes Not good
Found Coffee Flat White 8.5 Yes Very nice mugs
Aroma Flat White 6 Yes Very Busy

Here is my 2022 list I want to rate!


Coffee Shop Drink Ordered Rating Sit Down Other
Island Vintage Coffee Coconut Honey Latte 9 Yes Long Lines
Kula Lodge House Blend 5 Yes Garden is very beuatiful
Jaws Vanilla Latte 8 Yes Expensive