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2022 Bookshelf

My Information Intake

In 2021, I was racing and training a lot for my biggest racing season yet for triathlon with the World Championships taking place in October with Team Canada. In those workouts, listening to podcasts was unproductive as I tended to to either not pay attention to the podcast or not do the workout properly. Now taking a break from racing, I have been able to develop a better system of my information intake from different sources.

I set a rule for myself in 2022, whereby I don’t consider anything read / understood properly unless the contents are put into my space repetition flow. This just means taking notes on key points and putting them into my Anki deck. I create a general deck for anything I am consuming that is not in the form of an academic course / material I can be tested on.

I love learning through different mediums: books, audio books, blogs, podcasts, videos, essays, etc. Especially in the pandemic, it is very easy to get over consumed with content and not have enough time to digest, understand, and just think on your own.

Where I find the most value is typically from the amazing friends I have that usually share the works that they found interesting to read or from Twitter.

As you are seeing below, there is a ton of content here and how do I consume it all? I don’t. I consume as much as I can in the hours that I am walking, doing chores, non-deep hands on work. I do try to make sure there are some non-negotiables week on week including finishing my book of the week, reading important macro economic trends, and getting key information from my direct sources.

Books List for 2022

Note, this list changes frequently. I add and remove books to this list after recommendations from friends (typically longer in the beginning of the year).


Psychology / Cognitive Science*

Game Theory



Podcasts for 2022

Non-Negotiable Podcasts

Sometimes Maybe Podcasts

Direct Sources

With my goal in trying to go direct to source, I have found Substack to be an incredible tool in being able to find the sources I need to get the most raw information necessary.





Mainstream News / Magazines

Note! I am making it a goal to stay away from traditional news sources for 2022.

North America Sources:

Asia Sources

European Sources

Africa Sources

Accessible Discords / Slacks

Most of the valuable Discords / Slacks that I am part of are token gated or with friends. A lot of great content comes from these communities. If you are interested in learning more here, DM me : )